Poetry "Please Turn In Ur Penis" By: Nubian Star

Please Turn In Ur Penis

I want u to turn in ur penis
U don’t need it
Seeping seamen all Willie Nillie 
Into unsuspecting wombs
Just to trod off in ur self-made sunset
Like ur the seamen knight in armor
Ur a BUM
King of the seamen seepers
Irresponsible with ur half of divinity
But ur too concerned with the next place to put ur penis
And too stupid to even realize this is ur habitual problem
Turn ur penis in PLEASE
For the sake of the unborn children swimming inside of u
Don’t continue to create lives just to abandon them
Doing ur part in the enemy’s plan to further destroy society
Don’t u get it! 
That drunk night
One night stand
Year long make believe mating
Results in an innocent life being changed because U didn’t TURN IN UR PENIS
Every stroke u take pumps seeds that will become bitter emotions, misdirected angry,
Hatred of a species, breakdown of a mind branded by the aftermath of ur penis 
I’M BEGGING u on behalf of
Unborn scarred babies
Innocent women
Abortion clinics
Mental institutions
Women possessed by the aftermath of ur DNA
Sons that could grow up to be just like U
Turn in ur penis
Clearly u don’t need it
End Point

Written By: Nubian Star 

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