NuhBeg started in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2009, we provide business and personal services.  NuhBeg has great prices; products, and supportive services. Our superb services are multimedia service(audio; video; photography; website and graphic design); artist digital distribution(all major forms); delivery service; care work service; cleaning service; property maintenance and management service; and mobile haircut service for ages 5-12. We are a proud member of ASCAP writers and publishers.

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Helpmate or Momma

help·mate noun a helpful companion or partner, especially one’s husband or wife. “she acted as his pleasant but by no means uncritical helpmate” mother female parent She’s the mother of three small children. Adjective she often offered to babysit for friends, hoping to satisfy her mother urges until she had children of her own Verb …

Cry So I See

My father used to miss his mother, my mother misses her mother. Those who know it feel it, I didn’t then. Dad told me how he missed his mother and everything she meant to him and the things he would sacrifice and the worth of her approval and his respect for her. I didn’t then. …

Seconds a Moment