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NuhBegInc Multimedia is fresh, diverse, a multifaceted multimedia publishing and production company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 2009. Production services for business, personal and entertainment purposes. NuhBegInc Multimedia works hard for great quality in audio production; mixing and mastering; artistic graphic design; photography, web-design and development; visual production and much more. Select from a full range of multimedia production helping you stand out with a clean creative presentation. Entertainment for special occasions and events “X.P.U. Management” team works with artists and performers handling booking etc. All services are customized to your unique needs utilizing professional standards. Join our members community for exclusive offers and social networking. Make an account today, create a profile; blog; invite and message friends; groups and more we hope you enjoy. Sign up

Products and Branding

NuhBegInc Multimedia continues to expand in empowering sufficiency in day to day life and business. So, new products, services, and brands are always on the horizon. With endeavors continuing to grow, we create more and expand. For instance, in fields such as the industrial hemp and healthy living areas with “Nature Yaad” naturals brand and working alongside “Community Pillars Inc Non- Profit” to spread care and service in communities. We love expression so, clothing brand “B.F.L.” helps pushing our beautiful graphic design and art. Reading is always fundamental therefore book publishing is a facet, paperbacks etc we’ve published “I of Eyes” book of poetry by.HJ. We are a member of ASCAP and all our music releases are [email protected] iTunes; Apple Music; Spotify; Pandora; Amazon; Google Play; Tidal; YouTube; Deezer and 150+ other stores & streaming services for easy access. Our music releases, “Ethereal” a various artists compilation; “Black Roses” the all female artists compilation; and “Streets to Da Stage” a various artists compilation, all are listener satisfying. So, with a growing list of quality production, artists projects and work with artists such as HoJoe, W.A.B. and many more to come. Submit your music here

“Tune Into The Highest Frequency.”- NuhBegInc Multimedia

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