Cry So I See

My father used to miss his mother, my mother misses her mother. Those who know it feel it, I didn’t then. Dad told me how he missed his mother and everything she meant to him and the things he would sacrifice and the worth of her approval and his respect for her. I didn’t then. I don’t know what would of made me really understand but the words weren’t enough to describe or come close to that feeling. I do now. My mother is here , my Gd! You can watch as I plead, beg, grovel, cry, scream to not loose to not loose please! I KNOW! please I don’t want to, while wells of water dripping, then running out my eyes…

“Change in Life” By: H.Josephs

Time time energy energy we hold these so dearly like a couple that’s been together it matters so much in our lives just because you have history and you really put effort in any change even good after a long period of time of regularity even if your regularity is dysfunctional it’s yours it took your time and energy. Change creates a feeling, uncertainty or fear of unknowing other than your own will and ability which you’ll question that too. In the end its all on you by yourself to feel and deal with the real outcome in your life. Outweighing your fears, circumstances push people push the universe pushes you’ll either rise cause you must sink cause your content but are in denial or make a choice and ride with it knowing the fact one is wrong or right but you can deal with either or for eg some people choose to give up in life and let whatever powers to just have them. #dontgiveup#lifetolive

By H.Josephs

“Wheel Spins” By: H.Josephs

Hueman being living dying what do u get out of the experience? see gd see heaven see angels experience love ascension? alright but what else? yea but what else? eternities of purities or punishment either polarity on repeat over and over if only i could fathom beyond these. honestly both don’t move i. shyt about all is just off. i just wonder wtf would huemans do with out their daily brain wash programming jobs,school,money,religions,government and entertainment etc mofos made up a whole lot of bs for living….maybe we would evolve reaching hueman potential i wonder if that’s even cracked up to be anything super i cant think of shyt else wtf else hmmm forgive i universe if i feel the shyt is kinda lame not really special guess the end of the world and war should give me a rush eh thoughts options more!!!! society boxes in the soul, dulls a being like a name has a sound letters and is particular meaning limits. we do the same shyt everyday without question #societyrulesmindbodysoul install program run restarts during upgrades. #continuous How can u waste life? Who sett the goal or prize? see when i get round people and want to talk they too busy thinking about everyday shyt so everyday shyt is life u cant take ur mind else where to contemplate or reason i find people lame aint shyt going on different youll have me back in the line in uniform. #mindsett rich, poor, popular, king, gangsta, love, make a family, sex, good, evil all options since humans been recording life …All fucking lame after a while the story is lame humans lame all this time…what the fuck else

By H.Josephs