“Sex Magik” By: H.Josephs

I envision you dripping in gold. I can feel you heating up my soul, we are both gonna glow. Crowned shining; surrounded by lights; waterfalls are what we lay on draped with stars as our flesh transforms. Spreading into the heavens in and out of the dark, heart rates increase making our visions pulsate everything has a bass line. We never fall all of our thoughts in accord. Whatever the world has to offer we will have it all.

By: H.Josephs

"I Made it" by: J. Monique

I Made It!
I’ve survived living in a house full of hatred
Surrounded by daggers of venomous words; painful actions
Too hard to forgive and never to forget
Yet I made it!
Through the hate I found God, and in God I learned love
I had to separate myself from the hatred in order for me to grow
I have no regrets for my actions, because the hatred forced my hand
I did what I had to do. And here I proudly stand!
God has forgiven me and cleansed me of my sins
I am making peace with my past, so that my future has a fighting chance
Change is all around me and I am loving the adaptation
I am no longer the young woman that I used to be
I made it. Yep I made it!

Copyright ( c ) 2016
By: J. Monique 


"Always" By: H.Josephs

Poetry by.Howard Josephs 
“Always” from the book “I Of Eyes” a cosmic galactic connected love.