“Spaced” By: H.Josephs

Tired of the trod weary fastened but still a souljah never manifested the best ish reckless is I do the rage of waters that take many away come away then alone the feeling how u feel connect I’m pale purple dark corners the brightest light fuck it na mean uck dat shyt being is buzzed lounge offf the edge u will neva feel that’s the beauty being
cold as soul less my love is adrift a lotta of hellavua heaven baby u forgot I so I explode beyond size of matter y think bout this as I freeze peeling pain numb no one could save me retched turning off senses I give everything for the same so what you saying I have no name shape shapeless I am in love with this undefined just mind
I am shattered into a whole black nesss I’m not understood standing on Azia feet to the core children revise elders cry wombs are bombs we are on all sides the math is indie labeled constrained bleeding absorbed thru plains planned me out according to the sorting of natural disaster your media your master u worship using sex without knowledge my blocks hood economics devised blurred eyes what a portrait self realized
far but still here for u yet we have never met we mesh baptize me as I transition earth changing position all is written encoded in I feel vibrations visions of living eternal stage to stage becoming flowing like carbon then hydrogen cherries burning let me loose in this pool I drop deeper I go heavy subatomic flow see the show of more particles lit they glow y ask u when I know sharing what grows be free so I can go

By H.Josephs