I Can't Save U By: Angela Superfly

  More than ever I’ve been running into a lot of broken men that are filled with distrust and hurt caused by black women of their past. Some of the pain stems from their mothers and their upbringing. Those, men that throw all women in the same category and treat all women like hoes. The ones that are only interested in occasional sex with a woman not much else. I wanted to share this open letter of apology to all of our black men in an effort to heal the divide of our black man and black wombman.

I do understand why your eyes are filled with pain and your heart with distrust. I once asked the questions who falls the hardest when it comes to love? I said men, although it’s easier for women to obtain sex. It is hard for a man to say I am going to leave all these women alone to spend the rest of my life with you. So when they do give up the rest and give one woman their loyalty everyone knows this man is for real. Then, to have this one woman, who they made this big sacrifice for, break their heart. They really never heal because they just go to the next woman and the next. , never taking the time necessary to heal.
Dear Black Man I love you and I do understand,
Although you were missing from my life I always knew the value of you Oh Mighty King. Over time I grew curious of what my life would have been like if I had a strong male figure guiding and protecting me. Then I wondered why others around me did not see the value in you. Oh they fear you but didn’t recognize your strength.
I want to apologize for the women who said your daddy’s wasn’t ish to your face, who made you believe that all women are trifling, who told you men like you comes a dime a dozen, the woman that took you on the Maury show just to tell the world you are NOT the father, for the women who use your children as a source to hurt you, for those that don’t understand your plight, trial and tribulations. or see the snares place to keep you down, for the women that said you didn’t make enough and you aren’t ish, for the woman who say they are the father & the mother celebrating father’s day.
I want to apologize on behalf of all women who mistreated, disrespected, lied, cheated, that didn’t value your presence in the home, who got you locked up because she knew the laws were against you, the women that brought drama into your life and took peace out of your life. I apologize for the women that want the big ole wedding, the ring and the house over you, for the women who love to emasculate you because she is strong and independent. —she wears the pants too!
I hope you find it in your heart to forgive them for they know not what they do. Forgive yourself because we need you to heal. This is a vicious cycle that we must break. I come in peace breathing life into you. We need you and value your role as a man. Our sons need you, our daughters, our women, our communities and the earth need you strong! Love always from a sister who sees through the propaganda and the madness. It takes a village but there’s no village w/o you King!!!

Written By: Angela Superfly