#music For Immediate Press Release: HoJoe "One Man World" Album Release #streamit

“One Man World” a mysterious album that is tied to the “In Depth” album. “One Man World” was inspired by a movie title unknown that was black and white about a man( who knows if he was part of a experiment), the last man on Earth seeing it’s civilization as he knew it go into oblivion. Dark layered production with peeks of light seething lyrical sketches of a embroiled man on a mission.

Artist: HoJoe
Album: One Man World
Track Listing
1.Inside Out
2.Lay It
4.It’s Sick
6.Beast Mode
7.Last Temptation
8.Plan Raw
10.Tek Dis Fi Joke
11.Pure (feat. Clive)
12.Rize Up
Executive Producer: H.Josephs
Listen to the full album below streaming and support by purchasing @NUHBEGINC MULTIMEDIA