Ask Y? By: Carin Neloms

Why are we so in need of love and comfort from one another but can’t find it? Hmmm I know why, this is because our mothers and fathers are not here, where are they, why are they letting us go into this sinful world not ready. Were their mothers and fathers there?  Why are young women growing up to hate men and rather be by themselves? Why are young men growing up to treat women like tools and disrespect them?  Is this how we are going to lead our next generation? Can we change it? Can we teach the young men how to survive and face the daily challenges of life without killing each other or selling drugs? There are other ways. Can we teach our young women to cover up leave room for imagination, how to dress professional and demand respect only if we respect ourselves? We all were put on this earth for a reason… Why are babies being killed by their mothers, is it because women are getting pregnant to keep a man? Are our women of today’s society insecure, not secure enough to know that a baby does not change things? The baby daddy and baby mama titles have to change. This is very sad. What I don’t understand is why when people come and try to change how society is they are murdered by assassination or poison. This world is more concerned with money, sex, and power. I am a young woman who does not understand this path.

Why are men, in today’s society intimidated by a woman who has a lot going on for herself? Why are woman so quick to judge or belittle a man who does not have much such as a car or nice expensive clothes and is working a 9 to 5 to make ends meet, but rather be with a man who is insecure with money and abusive just so they can walk around with a coach bag or some miss me jeans but deep down inside is killing themselves. Ha, I’m so confused with the world today. Back in the day men and women were working together as one to raise children, uplifting one another to keep the home strong.  We have to come together to change things.  People complaining about homosexuality or lesbianism, but why are these things going on, because young men and women are being molested and seeds are being planted in their head letting them think it’s the way, the rap songs and television showing our young men and women that two women kissing are an experience or vice versa…wait scientist stating that it is something considered as a gay gene.  You have to use your brain, if it is a gene why is it now being discovered.   Have you heard the saying “sex sells”?  This is exactly what’s going on its all about money in today’s world. Now we all know that we are not to be here forever, we all have to die that’s the reality. So are we going to do something to change the pattern or are we going to just sit here and watch because we are afraid of what’s going to be said. Our young men need guidance and stability, they are ridiculed or talked about because they cry when they fall or that they don’t have this or that, I am guilty of judging myself but then was quick to think that’s not right. Men have emotions and it is not considered gay or weak or a punk to cry or express feelings.  We have to stop with the judging. Our young women thinking the only way to get a man’s attention is to show off breast, or have our butt hanging out, and then wonder why you are only being contacted for sexual favors. Why are young females happy living off the government assistance such as the welfare checks and the food stamps?  We have to believe in ourselves and strive for success, go out dress professional, apply for a job, teach our kids that we can be something regardless of the situation. We are put in struggles to make us stronger not to give up on life and not to settle for less.  I was put here for a reason and it was to help bring the love back in today’s world.  Let’s be a challenge to ourselves, let’s rebuild our minds to be strong and not weak and not easily influenced.  Let’s not down each other, let’s work together, complement one another. We all are so talented in so many ways. We can be successful together. Our young youth don’t know how to walk away from a gang because there is no guidance or support at home. We are not telling our children that their life matters and that becoming doctors and lawyers is a good thing, a teacher, a nurse, an Olympian or a runner is good. We have to encourage our youth to utilize their talents. Why are young parents beating their kids, because we don’t know how to understand their cries and what they mean? The mental illness are spreading erratically because our young youth are too scared to express how they feel when something is bothering them because of how they may be talked about and ridiculed so they hold it inside and then just explode and start killing or acting crazy. Let’s not let these doctors give our children titles and talk to our children. What happened to family dinners and family meetings? We have to bring the love back in the homes. Men don’t be afraid to love one woman or being a father. Women it’s ok to have a man that works an honest way, we are hurting our babies, our children our youth. Women let’s not be so quick to let any man in our house with our children. We have to protect one another, let’s feed the hungry, let’s clothe the cold and let’s break bread with the needy. We cannot die with our money, do you think money was put on earth for us to kill over it or to sell our souls. It was put here for us to share and help each other. It really kills me to see how rich people can be so selfish with their money like they’re going to live forever. We have a duty on this earth and it’s not only to care for ourselves and ones within our family but for everyone. We are all brother and sisters just with different faces, skin tones and body shapes, but we all are made the same. I see babies ages 4, 5 and 6 walking to the store and bus stops by their selves. Mamas and daddy’s we have to get up and walk with our babies.  There is such thing as teaching our little ones responsibility too young. We have to let our youth enjoy their childhood and be children, not to grow up too fast. God built this world he knows how to keep it running. We cannot be concerned with the president and politics because that is not our job here. Our job is here is to be concerned with each other and love one another, this is our test people. Do we as a people sometimes forget that we are not to be here on this place called earth forever? We have the lord to answer to when we close our eyes. He loves us, he does not want us to kill each other or hate one another. Jealousy should not be; envy should not be. Talents were distributed to certain people for a certain reason. Everyone one is beautiful. Some people were given beauty on the outside to see if they can deal with temptation and to be able to pull all people for positive reasons not for sex or money but they are so much used in that way.  What’s so wrong with us loving one another, what’s so wrong with us dressing with more clothes women, men what’s so wrong with you working more than one job or building something we are so concerned today with giving our kids what we never had, that we have forgotten what’s more important to teach them which is respect, morals, how to work and be strong.
Materialistic things are controlling our youth minds. Instead of obtaining a job to promote work stability and save for rainy days, we are obtaining a job to keep our outside appearance up to stay flashy and feel important to the outside and making our minds weak, so when we fall or loose a job we tend to go crazy and rob and steal from our family are homes. The materialistic things does not matter, it is not what makes us, it’s okay to have but long as we don’t let us control us. Can we come together as one to try to make our surroundings a better place? Why are we so quick to criticize each other? Women and Men why are we jealous when we see another individual that has accomplished a goal and tend to spread rumors about that individual instead of congratulating him or her on their growth and accomplishment. Why when one has climbed to the top they tend to forget where they have come from or where they have started from and tend to look down on others and make them feel that they are not worthy.  Life can be described in so many ways but just say the word and listen to how much power that word has LIFE LIFE LIFE. If I was to break down each letter I would say L is for Love, I is for is. F is for and E is for everyone. LOVE IS FOR EVERYONE.  We don’t know what happens when we leave this place called earth but we do know we must have die. Are we not enjoying our surroundings the trees that give us oxygen, the sun that gives us light and the clear blue skies that gives us something to look up to and appreciate? We have been consumed by money and have let it control how we live which means we are not living. Do you ever wonder why sometimes why we feel like we are working for nothing and we are working to die. This is because we are not sharing, we are not earning for the right reasons. We are working to keep our outside appearance happy things that we cannot take with us instead of using our money to help build our communities, help support our education. We are acting like fools spending money on two hundred dollar jeans but cannot spend such money our children’s education. Buying one hundred dollar weaves to make ourselves feel good when the light bill is more important but have the nerves to blame the government. It’s not the government it’s us, the people. The rappers and singers elaborating about strippers supporting women to expose them for some money to make ends meet, which is making our young daughters believe that it is ok to be a stripper. Do you hear rappers rapping about school and women becoming doctors or nurses and men putting down the drugs? Why do you think people in the music industry are getting paid so much money, because they are influencing society, they are the main reason for killing and drug selling and women selling their souls. We have to wake up people, why does it matter? It matters because things are only going to get worse. I can see people just doing sexual favors in public without a care in front of our children making it look natural. People too scared to do anything because everyone walking around with a concealed weapon just threatening everyone.  If you think it’s bad now, oh you just wait and see it’s only going to get worse and just be a sick and wicked place.
I want to inform others about the storm that is on its way. Our parents had control over us whooping us on our butts letting us know that we can’t do anything we want and that we respect our elders. Now in this day in age, parents are too scared to whoop our children and teach them right from wrong, could that be the reason for children disrespecting adults, not learning in school and wilding out in school, beating on their parents. Children are yearning for discipline and guidance, it shows that we as parents care enough to not let them go out and get hurt and want them to be something. I hear parents saying oh I can’t wait till mines turn 18 girl I’m done. You are not done, being a mother or a father is forever job. It’s not just about working to provide food on the table and clothes on their back. It’s about instilling honesty, growth and strength in your child. Teaching children responsibility is the true meaning of life. Your job is not complete until your child understands what life is about, until they have become something, showing respect, pulling good grades in school. You are not done, I hate to hear parents say woo I’m almost done, so quick to kick their child out the house of the age of 18. You wouldn’t be so ready to kick them out of the house if you were sure that they would do the right thing, it’s your job to make sure they are ready. Mothers wonder why their kids are dying at a young age. I know that fathers are not being fathers and not helping raising these kids but it can be done with the grace of god. You have to have faith and believe in yourself and your child it can be done, Love your child forever not just until their 18.  Men in today’s world I don’t understand why your minds are so weak and your giving up on yourself. You were built to be stronger than woman, why are you letting women run the households, why are you so easy to let words destroy you or hurt your confidence. I know it has become so hard out here for black men to find a decent job and gain respect, but respect has to sometimes be demanded. You can rise above the negativity, you have to believe in yourself, god made you in a way that you can work, and you are strong. You have made a mistake, you have a felony so what. If you believe in yourself and the higher being you will achieve what you want. Dress to impress, put on a collard tee shirt, pull up your pants wear a suit and tie, does not make you a chump or cornball makes you a man shows that you are ready to work and that you are serious. You men know when you put on a suit it makes you feel good, you feel strong and you feel like somebody. Stop being so easily tempted by the flesh of a woman, get to know her, read her and get to know her mind. Some of you men get into situations because you are so easily tempted, you’re weak. Respect women, it’s not that hard, if you respect a woman you will get exactly what you need and yearn for. Why do men now days talk so bad about women, lost all respect. A woman is what helps you be strong, adore her and cherish her. Women are naturally born to cater to a man but when you disrespect her and down her she is not capable of doing those things, she does not appreciate you as you do not appreciate her. The baby daddies and baby mamas would not exist if men would take their time and get to know a woman and control their nature, have self-control.

Written By: Carin Neloms