"I Need 007 For You Hoes"

Well today I saw a male hoe get blasted or exposed on a social network by two different females he sent his cock picture to it was funny and sad because this is a growing dilemma which makes me ask. How do you trust or know people are trustworthy in this technical age of smart phones, so many social networks, and secret groups where hoes male/female are just circulating naked in messages, inboxes, pics on profiles etc and contacting your man/woman not to mention in their phones from exchanging numbers on top of offline deception and cheating? I don’t want to hear about trust in God I want to know how are you sensible enough to pull the weed quality of people out your circle and to also keep in mind especially if you are a parent where do you think the future is heading for successful marriages concerning our youth?

Written By: H.Josephs