"I Made it" by: J. Monique

I Made It!
I’ve survived living in a house full of hatred
Surrounded by daggers of venomous words; painful actions
Too hard to forgive and never to forget
Yet I made it!
Through the hate I found God, and in God I learned love
I had to separate myself from the hatred in order for me to grow
I have no regrets for my actions, because the hatred forced my hand
I did what I had to do. And here I proudly stand!
God has forgiven me and cleansed me of my sins
I am making peace with my past, so that my future has a fighting chance
Change is all around me and I am loving the adaptation
I am no longer the young woman that I used to be
I made it. Yep I made it!

Copyright ( c ) 2016
By: J. Monique