#music For Immediate Press Release: HoJoe “Red Tape” Album Release #streamit

“Red Tape” this album is intrenched with lyrics a mix of cultures and experimental production. Artist: HoJoe Album: Red Tape Track Listing 1.Intro2.Preparing For Takeoff3.Troubled Man4.Lv Blk5.Never Leave6.Crowned7.Crown Touch Grung8.Dirt 9.Xxplosion Ssh10.Falling 11.Bring His Head 12.Excellent 13.Builder 14.El Kheper Akhu 15.Make It 16.Believe I 17.Seven Veils 18.Shaku Sheti 19.Triple O’z Till u Ova 20.The Soul …

HoJoe – Knight

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#music For Immediate Press Release: HoJoe “Knight” Album Release #streamit

“Knight” swimming in ether over some Madlib tracks K.I.L.L.A.M.A.N.HoJoe emceeing pressure. Artist: HoJoe Album: Knight Track Listing 1.Say Goodnight2.See Me3.Lit4.Live Fearless5.Sett Up6.Love It7.Will8.Belief 9.Dark Speed10.Somethigs Don’t Change Executive Producer: H.Josephs Listen to the full album below streaming and support by purchasing @SHOP   NUHBEGINC MULTIMEDIA – “Tune Into The Highest Frequency”. Providing multi-media production for your …