Meet The Stars By: Star Marie

It’s funny I’ve never been in an entourage, or a video feature chasing type chick literally they work 12 hours on set for FREE or may get $50.00 to $200 for 12 plus hours 1-3 days, tired and stressed with retakes lmao, with all the glamour in me I’m just not bout that bullshit life, half the time the feature chicks be hella busted and fat, but make up and editing and of course knowing the right well the wrong people who don’t mind using you will get you a lead video vixen role in some urban music video……..I remember back in 2001 I started working for one of the major labels under Def Jam…and more than a decade ago I realized how dumb it was for anybody to be a groupie rather than a strong supporter for such starving signed artist, who are generally “human credit cards, a walking bill, or a major debtor”, that gets free clothing and sneakers and even rented exotic cars and jewelry…. So now when I see a bunch of want to bee’s trailing behind artist, athletes and actors to the VIP in the club…. poppin bottles on someone else’s dime with their chest out acting like they better than the club goers on the main floor, I somehow am always disturbed and turned off, I guess because my eyes are wide open to the nonsense……Check this out a secret that all club goers should know….A lot of crew members that drive, travel, and lodge with entertainers be BROKE, the biggest fronters of em all… BEWARE….I did all that when I was 21 interning at the label….It’s sad to see a 40+ year old asshole who isn’t about that real Thug Life fronting and fooling chicken heads cause he sitting next to “Denzel Washington or whomever we love to see on television” (Tell Lies To Your Vision)……LMAO…..I need a radio show cause my mind be racing….but for real I’m telling the truth…. Video girls are broke if they are not a stripper. Most of the time video vixens are girls from the strip clubs looking for exposure or an actor who volunteered to show face for artist advertisement…..and trust this most entourage dudes be broke too…..unless they are street hustlers who just grew up with the artist during the unsigned days, or the manager of the artist who more than likely got/had street money to carry the artist while grinding ……okay so people if you find yourself in aw or open off of what I know is bullshit and you get caught out there, just remember this…….I’ve been around, seen many things and many places, it’s not what most of you think especially our children who inspire to be these lies……If you want to act, the best place is NYU, UCLA. Secure a very expensive well known acting coach/agent and go through the proper channels… want to be a artist go underground, independent do your own thing…..stop wasting money on bullshit agencies for acting and networking doing drugs in basement studios……read research and draw out your own path… this world all you got is self…..earn money, stack money, find fail safe paths and pay for it if need be……and be good at what you do..

Written by: Star Marie

Your A Cheater By: Star Marie

First The Women Then A Break down On The Men


(1)Scent Of Another Man, You will began to smell his pheromones on her its n her pores, fingertips, behind her ears and in her lip cracks, even her tongue will taste slightly different, and she’ll be funny acting when you start to tongue her down (this can be weather it’s another man or woman) chicks are strange when they cheating lol
(2)She Doesn’t Criticize You Anymore, There was a time when she cared about what you did or said, in fact, she used to hound you about those types of things. Now, it seems that she couldn’t care less if you were dead or alive and concern about your habits, good and bad, have retreated to the recesses of her mind. She might have simply given up on trying to convert you or she finally accepted your faults, but she could have just as easily met someone else who does not have your faults and bad qualities. (This is the most obvious of them all)
(3)She has a new wardrobe
She has an entirely new wardrobe, her lingerie has taken 10 steps up from Victoria’s Secret that she puts on before leaving in the morning rather than at night after dinner, she doesn’t even put the thongs on to even ask you how they look lol and she is obsessed with constant change of hair styles and do’s that are expensive great looking and always new. She could be cheating on you, but here is a warning to the paranoid: if she started a new job, for example, she is probably not cheating. If she is doing this all for you, wake up and please her as she is not cheating on you… at least not yet. LOL
(4)She’s getting in shape actually getting quicker results than usual and sticking to the regiment like a soldier…..
She hits the gym, eats healthier and she has her eyes set on becoming fit in a short short time span. Again, she might be looking to improve her health and lifestyle or she might be doing the extra for her secret man. If and when she gets home from the gym, showers and runs out (without telling you where she’s off to), then something is up. Or better comes home from gym extremely late frequently and blames it on the aerobics instructor…it’s a wrap
(5)She works longer hours, especially if yawl ain’t struggling and she don’t need the overtime
A surprising number of women have admitted that if they were to cheat, it would likely be with a colleague. So unless she was just promoted, has a project to close or she’s in the midst of a busy season, her work hours should remain more or less stable. If she suddenly starts working 60 hours a week instead of 40, you should take note, as it might be time for you to punch out.
(6)She likes her new colleague
Your girlfriend might be cheating if she was, at one time, constantly talking about her new male colleague, pal or friend and suddenly stopped. This guy, who at first seemed to be the center of the universe, suddenly disappeared from the radar.
(7)Mild forms of paranoia (in reality she don’t care she just don’t wanna look like a no good slut)
She stutters and worries excessively when you ask her innocent questions. She answers some phone calls and reacts awkwardly, while she completely avoids other calls. Her sudden fear and paranoia have you worried about her health, until you realize that her health regimen has been getting an extra dose of protein.
(8) A sudden need for privacy
If things the two of you used to share suddenly becomes private pay close attention because something is probably up. She may start password protecting computer activity. Cell phone and credit card bills may also be hidden. If you make out an attempt to find out info that used to be common knowledge between the two of you, you will be accused of snooping or trying to control your spouse. BIG WARNING SIGN!!!
(9) Bitches are EXTRA sneaky when cheating on spouse and she uses the computer a lot when you are not around
You don’t need to hack into her mail to observe she behaves online. Does she use the computer excessively especially after you have gone to bed? Have you discovered an email account you never knew about and she refuses to share the password with you? In today’s world this happens to be one of the most common of the signs of a cheating female
Ok guys most women don’t cheat for anything other than insurance and or payback please believe it… FACT so if you notice any one of the tips I listed in your woman, don’t go crazy just yet, be calm. Remember, it’s important to keep sudden behavioral changes in mind as you examine and contrast her regular actions against her new attitude. When you suspect your girl of cheating it is best to follow your instincts first and foremost, get quiet and observe to keep an eye out for any combination of these signs if she has 6 or more at one time, I’m sorry you’re being duped. Naturally, men first instinct when they discover a cheating female is to end the relationship or cheat too. However, this is up to you and you need to consider what you might have done or adding to your own insecurities, if anything, to provoke the cheating and how much time and money you have invested in the relationship……..If the man is 10 steps up from you, you will be crushed if you don’t clear the tides properly the good guy becomes asshole forever and that’s a very shady life to live behind a two bit whore……If he is 10 steps down from you, be careful cause they may be plotting for the big court heist, you’ll be on child support and alimony if you do something stupid…..Men do not fight fire with fire, with woman it’s very hard to get evidence because her side man unlike the side girl can care less about if you ever know about him…..he puts no pressure on her other than wanting some ass and possibly her credit and money or just plain ole support…..Men like challenges especially side men, and they want what other men love simple.
(1) Secret cell phone conversations, every time or frequently leaving the room right before, after or during the phone rings or vibrate. Come on that is pure lack of manners that does this in their own house? Answer: a cheater
(2) Changes in hygiene, extra cologne, shaving and going through more trouble than he ever has for you in order to feel, look and smell good at his dating best… shit! It’s fine if that’s what he been doing since yawl been together, but chances are this is definitely not the case….. Men get comfortable and become basic once yawl become a unit, if they get hygiene savvy on you, baby girl that extra shower is for someone else
(3) More or all of sudden he starts Working out, drinking protein shakes and having less sex with you, (omg) if he becomes a gym rat or in the back yard or in the house doing pushups, pull ups, sit ups and chin up every day or every other day and you getting the dick sparingly, he’s fucking somewhere else, Fact….
(4) Never does he invite you to hang out with him and his friends, no sister you’re not it anymore, and he will start hanging out with buds more than usual lol, I’m telling you now if he ain’t gay him and the homies are out with other women or he is with her sorry
(5) He will display some feminine bi polar behavior (that’s the other bitches energy on him), he has Mood Swings, Starts Arguments, disagrees with you more and loves to storm out during basic confrontation…. its all an excuse to leave, make you feel crazy and to honestly be where he thinks he is more happy,
(6)Catching your Man in lies, yes little lies, the smaller the guiltier, men they become careless in hiding the humility of being caught in a lie by the girl of their dreams…he starts losing respect for you vastly or slowly it all depends how docile you start to become, by this time you and him are pretty much over and he is well connected to the affair of choice
(7) If his friends and/or family start acting strange toward you, (in a way they know you are on ya way out the door and they either feel bad or uncomfortable around you, because everyone will know before you his pick of the litter before you
(8) Extreme Jealousy, If your partner accuses you of cheating, he is just putting a reflection of his self out there……
*******Ladies if you are experiencing all of these signs especially all at once, please do not ask him or snoop, things will only get worse, file for that divorce and/or leave before you get left first or worse the other woman contacts you…. and she will contact you or leave a trail for her presence to be known, why because she hates you due to the mere fact she had to creep with him to get him…..she needs the power to know that you know about her and he will not have your back with this one and she will get gully and tell you to leave because of this coward who started chasing his dick with a desperate whore who is only setting him up for failure cause he thinks the grass is greener (trust me your man will not feel the same to this bitch once your gone and your energy is off of him, woman like what other women have more so than less, so do not help them in that foulness any further…… pack your shit, your kids if you have them and go, tell him the reason after the papers are filed and do not let him back in easy or at all for that matter….. it depends on how he molds once your gone, if he takes too long to come back, fess up and clean up charge his rotten ass to the game)……Understand these Down low, mystery couples with this form of cheating can last for years and they end up developing a close relationship so they think lol, they will place you in the dog house forever, to themselves and all on lookers including your own family due to your humility, you looking like a fool, and simply not knowing, many innocent woman/wives end up in a mental institute behind this shit, some ran so deep they are found dead, and financially fucked up from being broken down, children get taken away quite often………so Its better you go quietly and let Karma work its majic….. Don’t worry every dog has they’re day and a good heart never loses if they are strong enough to Let go and Let God…..
Written by: Star Marie