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Question: Does the number of times you have sex with someone determine if you are in a relationship or not and why?

Answer Female: Not necessarily you can have sex with a person multiple times but if the 2 individuals having intercourse never have a discussion about how they will further there connection beyond sex then the 2 are just casual sex partners.
Answer Male: No cuz it should be about the bonding u an that individual made a relationship shouldn’t be about how many times u have sex the focus should be on the relationship all the sex will come lata.

#music For Immediate Press Release: HoJoe "Green Glow" album #streamit

K.I.L.L.A.M.A.N.HoJoe graces us with this opus “Green Glow” the glow of electromagnetic energy from activated human beings. Scientific, gangster, detailed lyrics begin building on “Get Gleem” and then erupts on “1000” which is also a salute to Anderson Silva of MMA fighting that should say a little of what goes down on that track, “Kiss The Sky” follows and brings you to another level to get your heart pumping and head nodding. With three guest appearances from songstress Jorlyn on “This Ain’t Home”, China Mack on “Bounce” and Righteous Da Goddess on “Hypa Mindz”. The album closer “Alwayz” a soulful and touching dedication song to close it out.


Artist: HoJoe
Album: Green Glow
Track Listing
2.Get Gleem
3.Hyper Mindz (feat. Righteous Da Goddess)
5.Kiss The Sky
7.Bounce (feat. China Mack)
9.Bruk Up
12.I See Her
14.This Ain’t Home (feat. Jorlyn)
Executive Producer: H.Josephs
Listen to the full album below streaming and support by purchasing @SHOP

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