Why You Got Let Go By: Star Marie

Men do not have to do research on women, racking they brains on what will keep her around longer and happy…..Women are so simple…..So guys especially you broke ones….stop buying books or dating a slew of us to try and figure us out……just learn how to make a lot money, keep good credit and trust me, you can be ugly an even have a little ***k, …..The good ones and the hoe’s, will be mindfully falling at your feet mindlessly…..so save your good manly research on getting rich not a book or lifestyle on getting a chick…….When the game gets boring and the sex becomes mundane at the speed of time which flies fast…if you don’t have money all your left with is your books, worthless research, a disrespectful controlling bitch, and a side chick waiting around to find you out next..and maybe a baby mommy or two or three or more….at any rate….that’s it…..now you watching life pass you by cause you did not spend your thoughts on how to be wealthy and stay wealthy….you want to understand women? Then learn how to get paid and i promise these bitches today will provide “cliff notes”…..waste no more time guys….work smarter not harder.
If a bitch gives her man easy walking papers, or lets the next bitch take him without any drama…..9 times out of 10, not all the time but majority it’s not because she didn’t love him, or she could easily find someone else….no not at all, its because he broke and just not worth all the extras…sure a bitch will stay with a broke ass, yes she would, but if he decides to leave, 9 times out of 10 it will be an easy walk for him and he won’t even ever know the real reason why this woman let his ass go so easily……truth…..

Written by: Star Marie