#music For Immediate Press Release: Weird Al Bangavitch “Soul Gee” Album Release #streamit

“Soul Gee” a beat album of classic reggae beats made by W.A.B. dedicated to the life and times of W.A.B.’s father Kenneth Wright who passed from cancer. Produced by his nephew.

Artist: W.A.B.
Album: Soul Gee
Track Listing
1.Every Day is a Holiday
5.Krisp Iyah
7.Tumbling Down
10.Out of Gas

Executive Producer: H.Josephs
Listen to the full album below streaming and support by purchasing @SHOP

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Weird Al Bangavitch Beats shine on Dread Sxott X Unifeyed Society EP "The Message"

Weird Al Bangavitch beat production on Dread Sxott  X Unifeyed Society EP “The Message” will remind listeners of 90s hip hop but yet fresh and new the first release was “Elevated” featuring Dread Sxott and his Unified Society members. This sound Weird Al Bangavitch has crafted over the years has become distinct and could be considered another form of hip hop sound offering from Cream City aka Milwaukee, W.I.  his most recent productions “God Rest” and “Beloved” on artist HoJoe album “Confound” and previous work are somethings to check for. Weird Al Bangavitch’s production on “The Message” leaves listeners much more to look forward too.