"The Art of War" by: Nubian Star

The Art of War

What is a conversation?
A back & forth of wills
A pouring of the union of

Mind, soul, & heart
A cup running over u
With mutually conflicting
Half listening
Overdue statements
Emotional Bottle Rockets
Erupt pain-filled lava
Hot with wicked delivery
Tit for tat
Between u & me
Has become verbal swordplay
& I am on the fence
& since when have conversations
Not been verbal manifestoes
One sided declarations of tainted truth
Never once did I say
I really cared to listen
Don’t know the start of the misgivings
Cuz the point was some where back there
With the accusations
Just wanted a real conversation
Want you to tune into my radio station
Feel my frequency
So you can see my agenda
Cuz to my will is how I want to bend ya
Gumby style
& All the while
Interject with a feverish pace
Trying to be the leader of this
Lexical race
Manipulating perceptions
So what you want can be
Perceived Reality
Saying just the right incantation
To get me to cleave
To your DICtatorship
See Captain
Can go down without
Cuz this bickering I
Doubt will be resolved soon
Like it would take
Cows leaping over the moon
And pigs flying
& The Art of Conversation
To Soap Box Politicians
Social Media
& Malicious Intent
The PowerPlay of the Circumvent
Just to be the LOUDEST to Vent
Get off Ya chest
Moving pawns
Requiring Kissed Pinky Admiration
Like a Bishop
Not really caring if I listen
In an attempt to be
Flinging AK47 assault words
To kill the competition
All the while forgetting the mission was to
End Point

Written by: Nubian Star

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