Stylist/Model: Dae'kwon Matthews

“Boy With The Looks” D.Matthews is making a name for himself , the young twenty something Milwaukee native is setting a trail for Milwaukee fashion with fresh looks straying away from the stagnant fashion scene of dope boy street wear and mainstream culture fed wears. While years of influence from neighboring big city Chicago on our cities fashion has left us without identity “Boy With The Looks” is creating what feels like Milwaukee’s own fashion flair. Is it drip, swag, flavor or just plain creative self expression and realization to be yourself articulated for the eyes to perceive. Currently styling and taking bookings, we will be on the lookout for events and celebrities on his resume. Take a look at a few shots from his portfolio as we expect a lot more of the “looks”and “style” from the up and coming trailblazer.

Contact: [email protected]

Hair & Makeup – Jaja Radzwan

Jaja Radzwan
Hairstylist and a makeup artist 3 years and counting I entered the field right after high school. So, how did I get myself into cosmetic and beauty? Well, it started off with a very deep interest in music. Percussion to be exact. I had plans to venture into music and performing arts, and as a matter of fact, I received many invitations from music colleges. But as the saying “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”. My mother declined my interest. It is a norm for parents to make sure that their children get proper and professional education, such as law, medicine, engineering and more. Music definitely did not make it to that list. So, that was the end of music for me. I eventually received a scholarship for cosmetology/hair & makeup and went on to graduate hair school and started working in a hair salon for some time in Malaysia. Now I am exploring opportunities outside Malaysia. I am currently in Paris, France exploring new horizons for the first time. I am learning and have learned a lot along the way and makeup school Paris was fantastic. I had great people around me and I was inspired, and most importantly, I was happy. I had many internships and have met so many amazing characters and talented people. I was blessed to make it to Paris. What I do now is I work for magazines, modeling agencies, fashion designers, and I do independent photo shoots with freelance models and photographers. In fact, I also provide house to house services for makeup and hair. I travel frequently all around Europe. At the same time, I attend evening French course to buck up my language proficiency, and I do have plans to be here for a while. Over year living in Europe, I don’t intend to stop no slowing down. So you’ll see me around for quite some time now.

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