Poetry "Soul Music" by: Nubian Star

Soul Music

Horns blow
Blaring with the strength to 
Herald angels in
Horns blow again
This time accompanied by Cello’s
Bellowing strings
Then the saxophone sings in Alto
On the up beat the keys chime in
And just as toes being to tap
Here comes that hi hat
And there you have it
Ladies & Gentlemen
As the trumpet hits a high note
On a smooth solo
That’s when bodies hit the floor
Cat calling
Announcing the way that rhythm
Makes them sway
Makes bodies shaking
& Wiggling
In betwixt the cello & keys
You can hear the sweetest things
See the bass drop
Then it’s the drum solo
Now it’s really jumping
Ladies slide thru legs
Others slice thru the air
All on the call of the notes
It’s a melodic dope
That gets you
Heaven High
That Jazz train
Everybody can ride
Do a soul glide
Bringing that beat back again
Never wanting it to end
Screaming for an encore
Horns Blow
Angels do the jig
To this hypnotic heralding
Strumming head nodding strings
As beautiful keys and a saxophone sing Alto
To a kick drum and hi hat hitting
Ladies & Gentlemen
Let’s dance!
End Point

Written by: Nubian Star

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