Whose Served First?

Why should the man get his plate served before the children?
1. The whole family needs to know that the marriage is there to cradle the family.
2. Feeding a husband first is a ceremony, and is masculine communication for, “Thank you for providing this food”.
3. If he’s not yet providing everything, it’s encouragement & reminder to do so.
4. Also, feeding a husband first is naming who the leader / king is.
5. If someone attack’s the family, you’ll have your king strong and fed well , to defend well, right? Security guards cannot be hungry.
6. If children eat first, you’re literally (and deeply) teaching them that marriage and husbands are unimportant.
7. When the wife’s car door is opened, as the children wait for her to be secured first, this is the feminine version of the serving first rule.
By: Mrs. Grangenois

The Answers #4

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