Poetry "Stand Your Ground" By: Nubian Star

Stand Ur Ground
Trayvon Martin, Marrissa Alexander, Jordan Davis, Derek Williams, Darius Simmons,
Alexander Wilson, Oscar Grant
Names inked in history for wanting too much life
Wanting too many rights
Wanting to defend themselves
Needing to stand their ground
Now the bullets resound globally
And the cries are attempting to be smothered
With the pillow sewn with Betty Ross’ needle
The plight of endangered people
Has been historically ignored
The premises of this very place is open doors
They came to this country under shield of cross
The mayflower never bloomed
The shackles ensued
Small pox blankets cover the wounds
Festering hate
Neighborhoods behind special gates
But the truth is we’re all incarnated
Falling for the bait
40 acres
never made it
Neither did the mule
This is justice so cruel
And they wonder why ppl riot
While they died
Can’t pass bills
And stay alive
Senators debate
Lawmakers are fakes
Shots to the wall
Gets u 20 yrs out the gate
Marrissa don’t deserve that fate
And neither do I
But I promise if I’m followed
That person gone die before me
Young bodies in hearses I’m tired of seeing
Black and brown ppl are not equals
1% doesn’t make u the majority
The struggle of the minority
Is rarely reported
Media creating fictitious stories
But what about his story
What about the fact that never again
Will Oscar’s daughter see his smile
Never again will Jordan’s music beat wildly
Cause his color snuffed out his cause
Taking out the garbage is a death sentence y’all
If you are
This conspiracy is real
Racially profiled
Can get you killed
And ur murderer free
When will it ring for me
When will I be able to walk these streets
When will this ground my ancestors tilted be for me
When will the laws protect
End Point
By: Nubian Star

Poetry "Please Turn In Ur Penis" By: Nubian Star

Please Turn In Ur Penis

I want u to turn in ur penis
U don’t need it
Seeping seamen all Willie Nillie 
Into unsuspecting wombs
Just to trod off in ur self-made sunset
Like ur the seamen knight in armor
Ur a BUM
King of the seamen seepers
Irresponsible with ur half of divinity
But ur too concerned with the next place to put ur penis
And too stupid to even realize this is ur habitual problem
Turn ur penis in PLEASE
For the sake of the unborn children swimming inside of u
Don’t continue to create lives just to abandon them
Doing ur part in the enemy’s plan to further destroy society
Don’t u get it! 
That drunk night
One night stand
Year long make believe mating
Results in an innocent life being changed because U didn’t TURN IN UR PENIS
Every stroke u take pumps seeds that will become bitter emotions, misdirected angry,
Hatred of a species, breakdown of a mind branded by the aftermath of ur penis 
I’M BEGGING u on behalf of
Unborn scarred babies
Innocent women
Abortion clinics
Mental institutions
Women possessed by the aftermath of ur DNA
Sons that could grow up to be just like U
Turn in ur penis
Clearly u don’t need it
End Point

Written By: Nubian Star 

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Poetry "Joy" by: Nubian Star


I seen joy today
Swinging thru the air
Like rainbow colors in a sprinkler
On the hottest day of summer
Laughter wrapped around joy
Like now & later wrappers
It was good
Sweet to my soul
Like my Granny telling me she loved me
Those words were always so precious 
Especially since they came like Haley’s comet on a summer night
Or no shootings on a hot day
I seen joy
Just as light and excited
Fun and free
My soul wanted to touch it
Love it
Wrap it inside myself for a rainy day
Or when my spirit gets low
But I didn’t catch it like lightening bugs
Or even try to touch it like playing tag
I just watched it float high on notes
Of laughter
Just happy to see it so close to me
A piece of Heaven 
Right in front of my eyes

End Point

Written by: Nubian Star

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