Meet The Stars By: Star Marie

It’s funny I’ve never been in an entourage, or a video feature chasing type chick literally they work 12 hours on set for FREE or may get $50.00 to $200 for 12 plus hours 1-3 days, tired and stressed with retakes lmao, with all the glamour in me I’m just not bout that bullshit life, half the time the feature chicks be hella busted and fat, but make up and editing and of course knowing the right well the wrong people who don’t mind using you will get you a lead video vixen role in some urban music video……..I remember back in 2001 I started working for one of the major labels under Def Jam…and more than a decade ago I realized how dumb it was for anybody to be a groupie rather than a strong supporter for such starving signed artist, who are generally “human credit cards, a walking bill, or a major debtor”, that gets free clothing and sneakers and even rented exotic cars and jewelry…. So now when I see a bunch of want to bee’s trailing behind artist, athletes and actors to the VIP in the club…. poppin bottles on someone else’s dime with their chest out acting like they better than the club goers on the main floor, I somehow am always disturbed and turned off, I guess because my eyes are wide open to the nonsense……Check this out a secret that all club goers should know….A lot of crew members that drive, travel, and lodge with entertainers be BROKE, the biggest fronters of em all… BEWARE….I did all that when I was 21 interning at the label….It’s sad to see a 40+ year old asshole who isn’t about that real Thug Life fronting and fooling chicken heads cause he sitting next to “Denzel Washington or whomever we love to see on television” (Tell Lies To Your Vision)……LMAO…..I need a radio show cause my mind be racing….but for real I’m telling the truth…. Video girls are broke if they are not a stripper. Most of the time video vixens are girls from the strip clubs looking for exposure or an actor who volunteered to show face for artist advertisement…..and trust this most entourage dudes be broke too…..unless they are street hustlers who just grew up with the artist during the unsigned days, or the manager of the artist who more than likely got/had street money to carry the artist while grinding ……okay so people if you find yourself in aw or open off of what I know is bullshit and you get caught out there, just remember this…….I’ve been around, seen many things and many places, it’s not what most of you think especially our children who inspire to be these lies……If you want to act, the best place is NYU, UCLA. Secure a very expensive well known acting coach/agent and go through the proper channels…..you want to be a artist go underground, independent do your own thing…..stop wasting money on bullshit agencies for acting and networking doing drugs in basement studios……read research and draw out your own path…..in this world all you got is self…..earn money, stack money, find fail safe paths and pay for it if need be……and be good at what you do..

Written by: Star Marie