The One By: Angela Superfly

…if you are lucky enough to meet “The One”, you do not have to ask, “Is this The One?” You will know.
How many times have you met someone who touched your heart and you have asked, “Is this person, ”The One’?” This expression refers to “The One For Me”…. From the time we are able to desire a partner, most people seek The One, the person who is here to make them feel complete/happy. That person would be a lifetime partner, always there with unconditional love, compassion and understanding. The One is here to share your journey, through all of its detours, and to support your decisions as you evolve.  I want to connect with someone: Spiritual (pure consciousness connection), Physical (passion), Romantic (feeds the heart and fantasies), Emotional (understands and fills our many needs), Mental (growing together and sharing new choices/goals).
 You find The One when you find yourself, by healing and creating balance. The One refers to the Union of Self, finding balance, and high self esteem. The One is your soul, divided by the barriers of feeling naked and alone.
Through the years, who we are, and what we become, our personal needs and goals, changes. To find The One, who would compliment us throughout our journey, is certainly a challenge. At a given point in time we can meet a soul who compliments our journey at that point, but will it last?
We are genetically encoded to seek The One, the feeling growing stronger as consciousness evolves. The One, as your Twin Flame/Soul, is your opposite, yin / yang, the balance aspect of your soul who makes you feel complete and waits in higher frequency for soul reunion often guiding your path in third dimension. This reunion comes at Zero Point Merge when your consciousness returns to its natural state of light.
Live your life. Embrace the moment. Be kind and caring.  If The One for you is out there, and you are BOTH ready, you will attract each other by synchronicity, no other way.

Written By: Angela Superfly

It's Too Late Man With No Children

Time keeps ticking men start reflecting on life and getting them self and things together, but what is the purpose let’s say the standard settle down the happy life. Ahhh love right that want, who wants to grow old alone? I’ve heard women of various ages with children say they don’t want anymore, and or have raised them to the age where they are about to be out the household so in a ladies voice I don’t want to have any after raising them to this point to do it all over again. So question, babies and a family is there a age limit for a man? And if women of the same age group who have and can not have anymore children, can they be fulfilling enough to compromise his want to make children? Can the man who wants to make children realistically end up with a woman his age or will he have to deal with someone younger and all that comes with that age difference? Is there any supporting data to show success with a younger woman or older women in say their late 30’s having babies? Lets say men age 40+ and females 40+ down to 26..What are your thoughts?

Written By: Howard Josephs