How a Black Woman got me to FINALLY watch Kevin Samuels

For me it was easy to dismiss the silly capricious FEELINGS of some women regarding Kev Samuels because it was a solid-as-hell Sista who got me to finally give the dude my ears. She just wanted to see if I would find him logical like she did. Her butt hurt not and I think I was impressed.

I didn’t know that he’d spent more years trying to straighten male behavior out on YouTube. I didn’t know that he became the change he wanted to see- by acknowledging his self described SIMP-ish ways with women and choosing to honor his own feelings/desires instead of putting her feelings first, instead of accepting that she’s always right, which breeds resentment and bitterness (because she’s often wrong and controlling).

I knew about the context building up to a Kevin Samuels, from decades of attacks and lies written about Black males via the feminist movement. Bell Hooks was louder than Donald Trump when it came to immediate disdain for the innocent Central Park 5. I also knew that many women tended to look to men like Steve Harvey Derrick Jaxn and silly male pastors for guidance on how to be women and how to treat men, amen?

I knew about the hatred from Black women (including a younger Iyanla Vanzant) that a BLACK WOMAN NAMED DR SHAHARAZAD ALI received for being the first to openly criticize the behaviors of black women for a change. I’m aware Iyanla Vanzant got crazy pushback also for concluding, based on her personal journey and the IYANLA FIX MY LIFE show that, “Black women are outta control”. Kev attributes much of his opinions to those women before him. Those women have yet to distance themselves from him.

So the hatred directed at Kevin isn’t really about his gender or race. It’s more like, “how dare you criticize me the untouchable the perfect and blameless (and insecure)”? But a lotta women aren’t comfortable with men speaking directly to them without the expected respect blindly given women like chivalry.

I studied the attitudes of women that hated him VERZUZ the mindset of women who appreciated and were inspired by him. I wanted to know what distinguished these sistas from each other since the perception is that he hated Black Women and was destroying relationships somehow. Was one set of women committing gender treason by embracing Kev Samuels?

Was it marital status? Edumacation? Conservative sistas vs Liberal ones? Was it their weight? Life experience? Level of spiritual maturity and discernment? Level of self love or insecurity? Were some women more delusional than others?

Even during his time with women, Kev has reiterated the importance of marriage before babies, that men should work 70hrs/wk if need be to provide, that men should stop being irresponsible sexually and that women should choose better. Many seemed confused by “high value man” which I learned was based on what women in the 80s claimed to want in a man.

For those who dislike Kev and refuse to be dismissed as mere insecure emotion of some entitled brat, it’s best if you had 5-10 videos of his that clearly prove each negative point made about him or his show. That should be EASY, no? Kev has cornered many women on his show who got all the smoke for Kev but never watched an entire show, and can’t pinpoint a destructive pattern or practice of his through time.

He’s only been around 2yrs and your silly, broad claims about his negative impact on culture must be backed up immediately with facts/evidence upon which you base your position. Who cares if plenty of women or men agree with you without proof shown from his show.

did he make millions off of disrespecting black women and exposing private cultural dysfunction? I’m not ready to make that simple emotional claim yet because most of the women disrespect themselves by calling in, looking for his validation and trying to change him. While others totally get where he’s coming from and often THANKED him for his service.

No woman or man has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he’s been problematic mainly because he and others are easily avoidable and ignorable and have very little power.

BY: Marwan Tomodachi

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