Poetry "Joy" by: Nubian Star


I seen joy today
Swinging thru the air
Like rainbow colors in a sprinkler
On the hottest day of summer
Laughter wrapped around joy
Like now & later wrappers
It was good
Sweet to my soul
Like my Granny telling me she loved me
Those words were always so precious 
Especially since they came like Haley’s comet on a summer night
Or no shootings on a hot day
I seen joy
Just as light and excited
Fun and free
My soul wanted to touch it
Love it
Wrap it inside myself for a rainy day
Or when my spirit gets low
But I didn’t catch it like lightening bugs
Or even try to touch it like playing tag
I just watched it float high on notes
Of laughter
Just happy to see it so close to me
A piece of Heaven 
Right in front of my eyes

End Point

Written by: Nubian Star

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