The "Souljahs" Network: Launch

Launch of “Souljahs” network creative platform with membership access to key features. With content driven by contributors or members the content is published and promoted with the parent site www.nuhbeg.com The main factor for the networks creation is to get members free promotion for content to spread and the members content to become refined with such a platform’s existence built for the interaction and process from idea to product to people. Influence, inspiration and reward for creatives through reception and cultivation. Communication expressing ourselves makes us. Take your place join us now. The “Souljahs” Network.

By: H.Josephs

Stop The Violence Against Women Program "Her Voice" group forum.

“Her Voice” is part of http://www.communitypillars.org you can speak anonymously among other women, let’s strive to stop the violence against women. Keeping you informed with resources to learn, share, and grow. Know how to recognize traits what is healthy behavior and what is not so you can change it and help others. Majority of abuse violence & murder of women are from who your intimate with and have also been relatives. Each year up to 4 million women are physically abused. 31,260 are murdered. 76% of women from the age of 18 have been raped & abused. These are huge numbers for our women and are increasing by 117%. Help us to make a change.