"Sun of Lyfe" Healing Products

Muhruba Campbell owner of  the “Sun of Lyfe” brand a product line which features “Tree of lyfe“(Tonic) and various products such as natural herbs, tonics, juices, and blends. Through years of study the “Sun of Life” brand has created refined products which Mr.Campbell feels can detox, balance and heal the world. The Sun of Lyfe brand incorporates natural healing therapies, natural detox and more.

Contact: Jamaica: Mr.Campbell #876-453-1205

Community Pillars Non Profit Ad

  Here’s a short ad we produced for Community Pillars Inc. Non – Profit Organization, for their “Stop The Violence Against Women” program and “Her Voice Forum”.

Women Join “Her Voice”

We are striving to work hard towards “Stopping The Violence Against Women” with our Community Pillars Inc. Non – Profit presents S.T.V.A.W. program. Help to create dialog, interaction among each other to move progressively, to heal and grow.