Poetry "Ex.." By: Frank Lo


I was never in love with your Sex
Liked it?
Called out your name
got off..
These things I confess
But loved it, no
Only liked it at best
Let me tell you why…
You never pierced my mind
Or ever r o c k e d me to sleep
My eyeballs never rolled back
From a mind body connection so deep
And as a women I weep….
Wanting to slurp the passionate straws of a love
But your bowl was always empty and your mind was always cheap
And this women weeps…
Wondering when you’d ever get grown man enough
To know what I need
Sexing me in the ocean of your mental shallow seas
As My mind smokes a cigarette and breaths…
Inhaling this in-justification of the no good ass fuck ass man decree
Just cause I get off, doesn’t put you in tha winners circle “daddy”
Cause I can get off myself…..trust
I need a lover who wants to experience a mental lust
Penetrate and stimulate a mental bust
Not just putting a fork in my pie, but mentally buttering my crust
So yes, this women weeps
Im so dissatisfied on top of these funky sheets
Lookin at your fat belly as you sleep
Mentally I smoke a cigarette and breath
You think you did something sweetheart
You aint done nothing to me…
Except enlighten me to where I need to be.
Aboard a yacht of someone else’s deep seas
And we about to dock “G”
To someone who can mind, body, and soulfully sex me.
I bet you never thought I’d be talking like this “daddy”
Well theirs something ultra sexy bout this brand new me
A breed of a different kind
An extra savvy, sophisticated feline
Pardon Me
But I want a man who can mentally fuck my mind
Giggles to self, cause its about damn time.
When your sexing me, tell me some shit I don’t know
Like, hell, the stock exchange and this bailout show
Cause I get off to intelligence, it produces a sexy glow
Tell me you understand who I am
And ask me everything you want to know
Travel in me deep..
Do you know who I am outside these sheets?
What I stand for, and believe?
Do you know whats important to me?
Do you know who I am when your on top of me??
Do you listen to me, or just hear me?
You aint even listen now, I see!!
And that’s why I never loved your sex….
Cause you were never making love to me.
Written By: Frank lo

Poetry "I Dropped You, You Didn't Drop Me" By: Frank Lo

I dropped you, you didnt drop me.

its not what he said
but the fact that he said it
while walking out his own door
leaving me lying there
half naked while he spewed
“i gotta drop you.”
not giving me an opportunity
to mask my vulnerability
to turn quick wit and sharp toungue
to mask my own confusion
with my own lies
about how i could give
two sh*ts about you
and all the drama you do
lying up with me all day
on your time and my dime
all a waste of my time
I shoulda said
you cant drop me because you
never once picked me up
never once held me like i held you
never thought forever
while you lied
and that day say
you knew where this is going
you let me fall anyway
now i see you mad in the corner, giving looks to him and me
when i walk to the bathroom u slip your new number to me
i thought fuck it and took it this could be fun
nodded, nice to see you and then said i had to run
later goodbyes to him and I called you
I said what you want with me, you told me we was through
u said you been lookin for me and we need to talk
sounded like bullshit but hell it was only 1 o’clock
i said meet me at my hotel room, im stayin there tonite
put on his favorite perfume so i smelled just right
you told me you missed me, you dont like the space
asked me who i been fuckin and whats the man name
you dont even realize you fucked up in the game
u said you want me back, and you sorry if you hurt me
if you hurt me is irrelevant because in reality you dropped me
you broke me way down but never did you stop me
so, get this i dropped you- you need to know
you want me back, but damn baby i let you go
i can no longer give you everything
and get nothing emotional in return
i am gently placing you back where you came from
with no ill feelings or bad intent
know forever that you made a dent
my hearts a little harder than before and a little wiser too
i see how you was thinkin, must thought id chase you
instead i laugh louder than before
and i cum wetter than before
thirty minutes later sidesteppin out the hotel door
i did it i dropped you
the only way i know how biiiitch
Written By: Frank Lo