The Factor

“The Factor: When Death Before Dishonor is Tested” written by author Sim Campbell. Aspiring author, director, and artist Sim Campbell brings his first installment of descriptive and reader engaging novels, a page turner that’s hard to put down. His character “Too-real” is one of the biggest street hustlers in New York City; He is Both respected and feared. But when he is forced to choose between staying true to his street morals or risk the freedom of his mother. Too-real is placed in an dilemma that he never anticipated. As Too-real stalls for time to free his mother from the grips of the crooked District Attorney Jerol Highmon, he is exposed to how the game has truly been played. Will Too-real make it out with his dignity, or fall victim to the Federal Government’s tactics? – Available on Amazon

F.N. CEO Interview

Speaker – Alexyss K. Tylor "Vagina Power"

The only thing controversial that can be said about Alexyss K. Tylor is the slang she uses to connect with the demographics she feels needs to to be desperately reached, and if that is what she is being criticized on well it’s like saying I don’t like Jesus cause he was naga complexted lol. Well I found Ms. Tylor on the world wide web quite some time ago and her straight to the bone marrow talk and good old humor had me literally running tears from my eyes, but at the same time saying damn that is true what she just said and I see the topics she figure four leg locks and snaps at the knees everyday in my community and yours. She has appeared on the Maury Show, The Tosh O Show and hosts her own Vagina Power series, she is a author, lecturer, and founder of a non – profit for abused women and children. I see that she now takes on creating her own brand of products for hair and skin but her number one asset to me is her commanding presence in front of that microphone and speaking to us the people in our down trodden mental state and communities. Her light touched deep within, in places subconsciously I don’t think most are ready to face, but must to evolve. She is spiritual dealing with auric readings and healing, empowering women especially our black women, mothers of civilization to get past issues and heal themselves for they are the key to life and nations of the future from block to block hood to hood and beyond. I can say I can’t wait to see her in person at a lecture near you or any event she can fit in to be heard.
By: Howard Josephs
Website: http://www.alexyssktylor.net