Are You a Nine to Five Citizen? By: Carin Neloms

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Are You a Nine to Five Citizen?
The world is set up to have you working like a slave under companies as a nine to five citizen living check to check…However you still wonder why you are not getting anywhere in life still struggling and afraid to live out your dreams.. All these nine to five citizens are helping someone else live out their dream, (the company) you are working for is someone else’s dream and you are helping them stay financially stable. Life is meant for you to enjoy it and live happy, you only get one. So many people are settling and working to die, how about we live to die. Sacrifices have to be made to complete you and what you want to do. We are so brainwashed, working a nine to five to only live in an apartment paying 695 to 1500 for something that would never be our own. What we should be doing as the Chinese do is live in a hut together save our money to contribute to our business and pay for a house in full. Brainwashed by materialistic items, working to have 200 dollar jeans and 400 dollars weaves which is all cool to do but not when it’s controlling you. You’re not enjoying life to the fullest. Patience is a virtue, work on your venue your business and save all that money and you can have your start up money for a business or hell the whole thing but we are so blinded by the materialistic items that we don’t even notice we are settling and will always be a nine to five citizen. Beyoncé and Jay-z would not be rich if we were not using our hard earned money to support them, not hating but just think about it. Be smart, if you are going to work a nine to five save your money and don’t live within your means and the money you save could be put towards your dream, don’t be a nine to five citizen all your life. We are so afraid to be seen in Wal-Mart clothes and payless shoes we are stunting our own wealth and happiness, it has taken over our minds Wear the Wal-Mart clothing to help you save your money until you have attained the wealth to spend on those items. We might not be in chains anymore but we still are slaves to Society and in the mind. This book, this chain we are following not working together as one, under someone else’s finances, ha it’s amazing how we have been brainwashed and working a nine to five, paying for college to still work a nine to five, funny. Do you ever notice that most successful people or rich people never obtained a college degree but still made it and their dreams came true because they were aware of how life works? Hell some people reading this still won’t get it. What I’m trying to say is if you gone work a 9 to five use it your advantage to make your dream come true, don’t get a car note and an a really nice apartment, that’s the point to make you settle and become dependent on that nine to five. Also if you gone go to College go to College for something that’s toward your dream for example if you want to own your own business don’t go to school to be a nurse go to school to study business duh. Basically be patient don’t rush and think everything out before going to school and  Just please don’t be a nine to five citizen because I know I am not.

Written By: Carin Neloms