Poetry "Brown Girl" by:Nubian Star

Brown Girl
Here I stand
Brown girl
Encased in yellow skin
Curvy big boned body 
Ancient mysteries stir deeply within me
Aching to get out
Speaking to my soul
I hear Congo drums
Every time I walk
Thick thighs rubbing together gracefully
Protecting the history in my lap
Every time my locs move
The whispers of my ancestors
Caresses my sensibilities
Warming me like sunlight on a summer day
Wrapping me in the power of my origins
I am a Brown Girl
Wearing the DNA of my people like
A badge of honor
Every freckle, shape of my nose
The plumpness of my lips
I am the people that came before me
Regal blood flows in my veins
Pumps inside of my heart
Bellowing to every fiber of my being
I am a Queen
I should be adorned with precious jewels and gold
I should be draped in silks of exorbitant colors
Gleaming bright like a diamond
I should be bathed in sweet fragrances
Embracing the beauty of my essences
I am a Brown Girl
Soft and pink in the inside
Yet warrior strong in my spine
Guarding the secrets I carry in my belly
Willing to die for the preservation of my legacy
I am a Brown Girl
Standing tall despite my wounds
Insecurities and social expectations
Choke cherry tree etched in my back
I am all the pain, hurt, rage and disrespect
I am the forgiveness of the transgressions
Placed upon my line
I am Love that can’t be denied
I am the cries let out around a fire
Embers in the air
Dancing wildly
Freely as Ancient tongues call out to the heavens
Blessings carried on the wind
Bestowing life to all
I am a Brown Girl
Originator of civilizations
Griot to the masses
Conduit to the Most High
Scriptures pass between my breath
Incantations sparkle in my eyes
End Point

Written by: Nubian Star

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