Maurum Scis, Mora Cresci In Tempore

Maurum scis, mora cresci in tempore translates to The Moor you know, the moor you grow in time The whole of the eastern coast of the American continent is The lost found Continent of MU. After reconstruction the term became restricted to Gallo Brittany. Ancient Moorish Ummayad Immayad (Maya, Miyami, Miccasoukie, Yamasse, Creeks etc.) written about in the Emerald Tablets. This was also written by Tehuti (Mercury) in the Emerald Tablets. The Timistian, Timuacan, Tamoanchan. were (are) the Muurs of the ancient American empires of the Maghreb Al Aqsa. Since this writing the Vatican has been raided again, Much of Europe is under American siege, as they attack the Pedo Mafia strongholds maintained by the peso elites. All entertainers and celebrities are slaves to Rome and serve the Moors in secret. While not knowing their true self, and living under the in equity of their former wight slaves. Now posing as “Americans”

By: Aseer The Duke of Tiers