Knowledge or Debunk: “Carpe’ Deum oriri ex Beys”

This video deals with the modern freemasons of The House of Anjou (A Melaninated European house that was bleached out ) established a Draconian State called Drakenburg and how they used the Mamelukes and the purchased Wights to experiment on and do their bidding. The House was called CORVIN and is thus the impetus to the term Corvid also. Along with ancient ritual drug called Adrenachrome. Also referred to as the white rabbit, walnut sauce, the elixir of Life, the Grail, and Jesus Wept. Corvid is an acronym for Chinese Origin Retro Viral Initiated Dispersal-19, That pandemic was revealed to be a hoax, so the devils in world roman politics have now tried to use the Race War angle. George Floyd was a 32 nd degree freemason, invoked with the porn industry and a crisis actor. His killer was known on TV as the host of a show called Cash Cab, and does gay porn. The alleged victim was also the twin Brother of Stephan Jackson NBA star. HE was also married to a black woman ,but a wight woman cam out posing as his girlfriend. George Soros is using his age prop groups to incite riots and murder amounts the real protestors. Also remember face recognition software, and phone pinging will be used during the mass round up phase of this Psy Op. Lastly a new King named JOHN III or NHS was crowned at England, He is the western freemasons anointed Christ. He’s taken over the royal seat and allegedly re establishing the Grail Monarchy of Earth. This Means The Moors are in for their reclamation if this devil follows the prophecy. The British Empire was seized by Drumpf who is holding it in trust until JOHN the III takes the Seat. John The 3rd disbanded the Knights Malta, had the Jesuit General Adlophus Nicolas Killed who controlled the banking system, and has since allowed the IMF to be absorbed into the Treasury. Of which Drumpf was made Head Trustee. After that the world was put into Lent (under the guise of corona virus) to allow for the old world structures to be re tuned. These events are all in line with what The Prophet Noble Drew Ali predicted. His oral statements have become law. “No matter what happens, or how it may look, it all goes back to the Moors”.

By: Aseer The Duke Of Tiers