Don Fettion “Catching A Fever”

Don Fettion is a recording artist who hails from Milwaukee via Chicago Westside. As an artist his aim is to give the masses facts no fiction(NO CAP). He believes if you can’t tell a story then really what’s the purpose of even doing this; so as an artist he only gives what he knows. Some of his biggest influences are Boosie, Michael Jordan, and his deceased brother K-Dot. His brother was the driving force behind his push towards music and his death in 2004 really affected Fettion, realizing that life was too short and opportunities were slim to none. The name Don Fettion derives from a lifestyle, it’s who he is; and he obtained that status and was placed into the position to do this , because what he has gone through to this date. When asked what makes him different from other artists he says “I’m not an artist, I’m a speaker I just like to talk over beats.” “I’m not just a rapper, a rapper just rap I do it all.”  His projects released thus far are Cuttin Up How U Want Vol.1 (2013) On The Road 2 Riches: Cuttin Up How U Want Vol.2 Hustlaz Feva (2017)

By: R.M.L.

    Don Fettion INSTAGRAM