“Blah” By: H.Josephs

Life is boring history repeats itself nothing new under the sun blah Discover what for what blah new and exciting so you would spend your life digging up bones to tell you the same story over again so this is what the soul manifests in the flesh for. Wait the man woman experience and relationship love babies families generations of the same ole shyt lol life is boring blah Loving someone ain’t all that neither is the family thing blah your gonna die do the same shyt people have done since existence this can’t be it rise in the ranks of society be famous a legend remembered in man time lol gtfoh this is what the soul manifest in the flesh for a bunch of emotional experiences where is this soul trying to go what is it trying to learn after eons of infinity I’m bored with it the movie of it all so many versions and parts same ole, I think my ancient soul is like this is bs where else to go I don’t want these programmed paths GD. Life is boring if your not entertained, if your not at a beginning stage of something till finish and then transition to do something else repeat repeat repeat human life societies I get it I get it…. and it’s time for something else cause this can not possibly be it I don’t want no action,adventure,romance, to what, to where  my life smh u just don’t get it they just don’t get it blah______ draws me blank #beautiful